Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Today's Review: Ben & Jerry's One Sweet World

With the recent release of the sofa themed flavours, I thought it would be a while before we saw some more from Ben & Jerry. But lo and behold, three more flavours have popped up since. There's One Love, Empower Mint and this one, which was particularly intriguing to me. It's a coffee caramel ice cream, the first time I've seen coffee in a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Not only that, but there are marshmallow and salted caramel swirls, and chocolate chunks. They sure have crammed a lot into here.

Let's start with the ice cream. It's good, and has a nice, milky coffee flavour, with a nice hint of sweetness that's provided by the caramel. The coffee isn't too strong, which is nice, it allows all the other flavours to come through. The salted caramel swirl is gorgeous, thick and flavoursome, and really adds a nice kick when you come across it. The only thing I would say is that the marshmallow is a bit muted in comparison, I can't say I detected it much while getting through this, while the salted caramel was instantly obvious. It's all topped off with some fantastic chocolate chunks, in the shape of ampersands. They're sizeable, with a satisfying crunch, and it's some good quality chocolate. I have to say I found it pretty hard to stop eating this, although I did in the end, through incredible self control. There's a lot of great stuff in here, and while it's not perfectly balanced, this is a great tub of ice cream, one for the coffee lovers, but there's really something here for everyone.

My rating: 4/5

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Today's Review: Shalimar Mango Chutney Popcorn

A new health food shop has opened up in my home town, and while I would probably skim over most of the stock, I couldn't help but see which snacks were on offer. My eyes were drawn to some decently sized packs of popcorn on one of the shelves. Now, mango popcorn isn't a completely unique thing, but it's new enough, and this one promises a chutney element as well, so I figured it was worth a go. 

This is a good quality popcorn, it has a nice crunch to it, and there were no stray kernels to break my teeth on. The flavouring is really layered on as well, and there was actually a pretty big surplus of powder in the bag. It's pretty good, a nice fruity undertone with some spice laid on top, and making my way through the bag made a nice layer of heat build up. There is perhaps a little too much spice, it overtakes the fruitiness and makes this more chutney than mango, but all in all it's a pretty good flavour. and pretty unique. Worth seeking out.

My rating: 4/5

Monday, 26 September 2016

Today's Review: Uncle Joe's Winter Nips

I picked up this interesting looking bag yesterday in Home Bargains. These are Winter Nips, which sound quite comical if you're immature, but I'm not so I 'm being very serious. They're small pip sweets that are flavoured with "10 natural herbs and spices", not to be confused with KFC of course. I mean, this guy's got a top hat and no moustache. 

These are traditional sweets with herbs and spices in them, so I wasn't expecting anything particularly sweet. Basically these have a predominant taste of liquorice, with aniseed and minty undertones, and they're not bad. Sure, I'm not a big fan of liquorice, but there's enough going on here to provide something of a refreshing sweet. They clear out the sinuses a little, and they taste nice and natural, very clean flavours. These aren't something I'd pick up for a quick snack, but they're nice and warming, and wouldn't go amiss as something to suck on in the cold winter months.

My rating: 4/5

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Today's Review: Gusto Cola

My eyes were drawn to this slender black can in the little shop in Stratford station last night. Gusto Cola, it's real cola, and it's low calorie, oh, and it's organic, and fair trade! How could I resist that? I like a bit of authentic cola, as evidenced by my obsession with Fentimans. How would this can stack up? Ha, get it? Stack up, because you can stack cans...

This is a pretty clean tasting beverage, I must say. It's pretty crisp, and it does have the taste of an authentic cola, but it is a little on the bland side. Where I was expecting a bold flavour, I got something of a watered down experience. Maybe it's in the process of applying all these labels that something slipped out. Maybe it's the lack of sugar, or GMOs, or... unfair trade? but there are colas out there that pack a lot more of a punch. While they're probably not good for you, and I've probably just grown accustomed to fizzy drinks that feel like they're actively rotting your teeth, I must say I prefer them for now. Maybe this organic stuff will grow on me, but at the moment I can't say I thought it was great. A decidedly average cola.

My rating: 3/5

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Today's Review: Cadbury Fudge Minis

The mini chocolate bar onslaught continues. Mars have churned out their most popular three in fun size form, so Cadbury have retaliated with a couple more share bags. I've already covered the Dinky Deckers, but Fudge has been given the makeover as well. They're like Fudges, but mini. Clue's in the name I guess. 

I would have taken a picture of the cross section, but I broke the bag out during a brief break at work, and they were all gone within a minute. There's really not much to say though, the big bars consist of a chocolate coating with a fudge centre, and the mini versions are the same composition. There is a drawback in that they're very small, less than bite size I'd say. This means I needed to pop a couple in to be truly Fudgily satisfied, and so the bag disappeared quicker than I'd have liked. Still, they taste good, just like the bigger Fudge bars, and their smaller stature means a little bit of a higher chocolate to fudge ratio, so I can't really complain too much. This is another decent bag to add to the range.

My rating: 4/5

Friday, 23 September 2016

Today's Review: 7 Up Mojito

I've been after this one for a while, although I'm not entirely sure why, I don't like mint all that much. I'll put it down to curiosity, and the fact that a phone box advert taunted me with it for a good couple of months. This is basically a 7 Up with added mint, and that makes a mojito. Sadly there's a distinct lack of rum, but I guess we can't have everything.

I tried to like this, I wanted to in a way, but the truth is I just don't. The lemon and lime are there, but they're pretty heavily overshadowed by the mint. It comes in quite quickly and provides an unsettling aftertaste. There's a certain freshness to the mint, sure, but it doesn't really work well with the lemonade. Every time I went back for a sip, I found myself thinking it wasn't too bad, but since I was nursing the bottle for about an hour I'll have to conclude it's really not my thing. Maybe if it had the rum in it I'd understand taking a while to drink it, but as it is I'm not a fan of the minty lemon and lime.

My rating: 1/5

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Today's Review: Chicken 'N' Chips

Looks like it's a crispy sort of week this week. Now the guys behind Fish 'N' Chips have brought out yet another new flavour, in the form of Chicken & Chips. That's a freaky looking person in a chicken suit on the front, for sure, but I figured these were worth a go. Despite long avoiding meat flavoured crisps, I must say they're growing on me lately.

These taste like chicken, I'll give them that. They have something of a roast chicken taste, skin and all, and it's mostly authentic. It's not all that strong, but it's probably better than most other chicken crisps I've tasted. There is a certain amount of saltiness that's present in these as well, and it does interfere with the chicken taste at times, but I guess that incorporates the chips element quite well. I wasn't expecting much from these, but I was pretty impressed. They're crisps that taste like chicken, so they've done a good job.

My rating: 4/5