Monday 7 May 2018

Today's Review: Going To The Beach On A Bank Holiday

"Ooh, what a lovely warm bank holiday this is. Let's go to the beach." The words came from our mouths, and also simultaneously from thousands of mouths around the county. It's hot, it's a day off, where better place to go than the closest beach? Especially when that beach has a theme park attached to it.

We should have turned back when we encountered traffic farther back than we had ever encountered it. We should have been prepared when we couldn't find a parking space for over half an hour. But no, we pressed on, and were greeted with seething crowds, beaches full to capacity, and massive queues for everything from food, to rides, to toilets. Yes, a 20 minute queue for the public toilet.

It's days like today that really bring the overpopulation crisis into perspective, while also perpetuating a human hive mind theory. But most of all, it's really annoying. Is nothing sacred anymore? Can't we enjoy a day without having to fight through throngs of people, struggling for resources and parking spaces? I think we'll save the days out for another time, next bank holiday we'll stay indoors.

My rating: 1/5

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if that was my town... luckily i can walk to the seafront, but not that i'd want to spend any time there based on the photos i saw of how busy it was! I just walked past...