Thursday 10 May 2018

Today's Review: Flipz Milk Chocolate

Apparently I've never reviewed Flipz before, but it seems like now is as good a time as ever, as they've finally been released in the UK. I mean, they were pretty ubiquitous before, but at those crazy import prices, while this bag cost £1 in Asda. So if you haven't encountered Flipz before, basically they're chocolate covered pretzels, like that short-lives bag that Cadbury brought out a few years back.

These are the first chocolate pretzels I fell in love with, and the transition to the UK market seems to have gone pretty smoothly. I assume they've made some alterations to comply with our snacking guidelines, so while these have a pretty decent, creamy chocolate coating, I remember the US version being a little more decadent. I didn't have an American pack to do a side by side comparison, so I could be talking rubbish. Still. underneath there's a nice salty pretzel with a decent crunch, and while the coating isn't quite as chocolatey as I'd hoped, it provides a nice coverage that adds a lot of sweetness to the snack. Well worth picking up for £1, now we can all enjoy Flipz for a reasonable price.

My rating: 4/5


  1. I'd love to know why they took these off the market in the UK in the first place! Used to love them in the 90s. I always preferred the white ones

    Are the Uk covered in real chocolate as opposed to US style 'candy'?