Thursday, 2 May 2013

Today's Review: Tesco Blue Spark Energy Drink

For those of us who can't quite afford the sub-£1 Tesco brand Kx energy drink, they've presented a cheaper option, in the form of Blue Spark. It's like the White Lightning of energy drinks.

Clocking in at a mere 35p, Blue Spark promises a "fruit flavour" that is not specified in any way whatsoever. Well, having tried it, I can tell you that the flavour is in fact not specific at all. If I had to name a fruit, I'd say blueberry, but I may have been swayed by the name. At any rate, if it is blueberry flavoured, those blueberries have been introduced to many interesting chemicals, because that's the overpowering taste here. Sure, every energy drink tastes a little like that, but this is worse, and, while refreshing at first, left me with a somewhat dry taste in the mouth. I didn't even feel any kind of energy boost after drinking it, so overall I'm pretty disappointed. I guess I'll have to spring for the extra 34p for the good stuff.

My rating: 1/5


  1. Times have changed and I think this drink needs to be reviewed again!

  2. I agree, try again.

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  4. Likewise - just picked up 6 cans for £1.50 - tastes pretty much like any other of these "fruit" energy drinks IMO. And at that price seems great value.