Friday 23 May 2014

Today's Review: Kingsmill Bagel Thins

I do love a bagel from time to time. The New York Co. ones are my favourites, especially with the range of flavours they come in. But when I'm counting calories, even a single bagel can be a bit too much. Besides, my cheap, 2 slice toaster requires you to very precisely slice the bagel in half for it to actually fit inside. But both of those problems have been solved thanks to the Bagel Thins from Kingsmill.

Bagel Thins are basically thin bagels, and while I normally find other brands of bagels are not to my liking, I figured it was worth giving these a go, especially as they're only 122 calories each. While they do seem a bit pale and doughy in the packet, once I slotted one of these pre-sliced bad boys comfortably into my toaster, they came out pretty nice. They're light and tasty, with a nice crunch, and I was certainly tempted to eat another right after. These are a good, lighter option for the bagel fanatic, or the toaster-ly challenged.

My rating: 5/5

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