Sunday 4 May 2014

Today's Review: Mango Super Straws For Milk

I've reviewed a couple of these flavoured straws before, both under the name Dr. Moo. I'm not sure what her doctorate is in, but it's certainly not Flavour Sciences. But the other day I came across a new brand of these magical milk straws, and this time in an interesting mango flavour. Never one to pass up on a new way to potentially make my milk taste awful, I picked them up. After all, they are super. Or are they fun? Apparently they're both.

I was actually pretty surprised by this one. Once you suck some milk through it, it certainly does taste like mango, though it's not overly strong. Overall it's a smooth, fruity flavour that actually blends in with the milk quite well, although it seem a little odd. It's easy to see why chocolate and strawberry are the go to flavours for milkshakes, as they fit a lot more than mango does. But hey, maybe that's my prejudiced milkshakes preconceptions getting in the way. Perhaps I could learn to love mango milk more and more, and I'm certainly not afraid to try one of these straws again. If you're looking to add some interesting flavour to your milk, you should hunt these down instead of the Dr. Moo varieties. 

My rating: 4/5

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a nice combo! I saw some coconut flavour straws the other day...not sure if it was Dr Moo or not.