Tuesday 8 December 2015

Today's Review: Mr. Kipling Rich Choc Whirls

Have you ever eaten a Viennese Whirl, but thought you'd rather be eating something pretty much the same, but slightly more fancy? Well, Mr. Kipling heard your very specific request, as he'd churned out these Rick Choc Whirls. They're like Viennese Whirls, but with more chocolate and with only four in a box for the bold price of £1.80. I've been waiting for these to go on offer for a couple of weeks, and I finally picked them up for a pound earlier.

The difference between these and Viennese Whirls isn't major, but it's pretty good. There's a chocolate coating on the top half of the whirl itself, and the filling has been replaced with a chocolate buttercream. Sounded good to me, and these are actually pretty tasty. The buttercream is a little thick, but it certainly is chocolatey, while the chocolate coating adds another nice little hit of flaovur. The only problem is that because the filling is quite thick, the shortcake is a little too much,  and it does taste a bit dry without the lightness of the original cream. Still, these are tasty, and certainly chocolatey, but they certainly don't beat the originals. If you're up for a bit of chocolate fanciness, by all means try these. But now I know why these are called "Rich" Choc Whirls. Because they've got a lot of dough.

I'll see myself out.

My rating: 4/5

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