Friday 22 July 2016

Today's Review: Tyrrell's Poshcorn Summer Strawberries & Cream

I often overlook W.H. Smiths as a purveyor of snack foods, but wandering through there today I found not one, but three products I hadn't yet tried. The most eye catching one was this bright packet of popcorn, a very summery addition to the Tyrrell's Poshcorn range. I was thinking how unique this flavour is, but a quick search through my history reveals that Butterkist did this same flavour a couple of years ago, and I'd completely forgotten about it. Still, this is Tyrrell's, not Butterkist, so it could be a much better flavour. Let's see.

The popcorn here is of a good quality, as always. It's quite soft, but quite a few of the kernels have something of a satisfying crunch to them. The flavouring is good, but it is a little sparse. There is an overall strawberry flavour, but it is concentrated more in some places, while other kernels are weaker. The cream doesn't really present itself during eating, it wasn't entirely apparent at first, but it did hang around in the after taste. It blends in quite well with the strawberry, but there just wasn't enough flavour overall to make this a truly good bag of popcorn. Compared to other offering from Tyrrell's, this one was pretty average. A nice idea for a summer flavour, but not a favourite for me.

My rating: 3/5

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