Thursday 13 September 2018

Today's Review: 7 Days Bake Rolls Pizza

I've spied these treats in several places, but was always wary to take the plunge, pizza flavoured treats don't normally satisfy me, especially in what looks to be dry bread form. Still, I took the plunge after finding these on offer in Tesco, and I have to say they're absolutely delicious. The bag basically consists of a load of dry, crunchy bread rings, but the flavouring is top notch. You can taste the cheese, you can taste the tomato, there's a hint of herbs in there, these things taste like pizza, they deliver what they promised. I was worried they'd be a bit too dry, and I'd be choking them down like crackers after a few, but I polished off the bag with no worries. These are great, and I'm definitely going to seek out the garlic variety. Grab these bagel-shaped bites when you can.

My rating: 5/5


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