Sunday 19 August 2018

Today's Review: Oasis Aquashock Chilled Cherry

Ah, you can always count on Oasis to deliver refreshing drinks in tasty flavours, so when I saw they’d brought out flavoured water, I had faith that they’d carried on their trend of success. Here we have Aquashock, a zero sugar water! So really, just regular water with low calorie sweetener chucked in. But this bottle promised chilled cherry, and I was interested to see what a cherry oasis would taste like. 

Well, this cherry is particularly chilled, to the point where it doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all. There’s a little hint of something, a little sweetness, but all in all it’s just a very lightly flavoured bottle of water. The only Aquashock here is the fact that Oasis disappointed me.

My rating: 1/5

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