Wednesday 30 January 2019

Today’s Review: McDonald’s Grand Big Mac With Bacon

The Grand Big Mac is back, and this time you can get it with bacon. A pretty nice addition, but one they feel needs to be accompanied by one of the stupidest hashtag campaigns I’ve seen in a while. Basically, McDonald’s are trying to create a debate over whether the addition of two slices of bacon to a Big Mac somehow makes it no longer a Big Mac. There’s even a TV as where people give stupid reasons as to why it can no longer be classified as a Big Mac. But it’s a Big Mac, it’s called a Big Mac. You don’t put bacon in between two slices of bread and wonder whether you can still call it a sandwich.

But enough of that, does it taste good? Well, yes, it’s a Big Mac with bacon. The bacon is of a decent quality, slightly smoked and sufficiently meaty. I did get an overall taste similar to that classic BK bacon double cheeseburger at first, but then the Big Mac sauce kicked in and it was a pretty great experience. The beef, the pickles, the sauce and the bacon, all working in harmony. It’s good to see the Grand Big Mac back, and bacon just makes everything better. It’s definitely still a Big Mac.

My rating: 5/5


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  3. Wow! i love MacDonald i eat 2 burgers twice a week.

  4. I recently had the opportunity to try McDonald's Grand Big Mac With Bacon, and I must say, it was a satisfying experience. The Grand Big Mac is essentially an upgraded version of the classic Big Mac, with the addition of crispy bacon slices.

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