Saturday 5 April 2014

Today's Review: Rowntrees Chewy Tots

I'm a big fan of Jelly Tots. They may be small, but they taste awesome, and once I open a bag I can't stop, even when my tongue starts hurting from the abrasive sugar coating. So imagine my excitement when I saw these Chewy Tots. Could they bring the Jelly Tots experience, with a smoother shell that's easier on the tongue? 

Well, no. You see, Rowntrees have another awesome sweet, in the form of Tooty Fruity, which I can also never get enough of. While Chewy Tots appear to be in the same camp as Jelly Tots, they are actually small, round Tooty Fruitys. Same shell, same texture, and I'm pretty sure the same flavours. It's certainly not a bad thing taste wise, they're still bold and fruity, and easily devoured. But I was expecting something different, and I was a little let down. I won't let that affect the final score too much, these are still worth eating, but just be aware that they aren't quite what they seem.

My rating: 4/5


  1. They also do Tangy Tots now, only available in multipacks. I'm curious if they're any good!

    1. They sound like they'd be more interesting. I'll have to look out for them.