Tuesday 17 March 2015

Today's Review: KFC Original Recipe Burrito

KFC certainly know about chicken, and they also know about putting chicken in things. Buckets, buns, wraps, they put chicken in just about anything. Well, now they've gone and put chicken in not just a wrap, but a big wrap, and they've put some rice and beans in with it too. You know what that makes? That's right, it's a KFC burrito. If there were ever two concurrent words that made me hungry, it's those ones right there.

I do love me a burrito, from the fast and slightly dirty ones available from Taco Bell, to the more upmarket Chipotle and Wrap It Up, but those places sure don't offer some of the Colonel's finest finger lickin' chicken. Putting chicken in a burrito is a good idea, though I wasn't overly sold on having mini fillets in one. But that's what you get, two mini fillets, surrounded by spicy rice and beans, and finished off with some lettuce and salsa. It's pretty big, especially compared to the paltry size of the regular chicken wraps, but then it has to be with all the stuff packed in there. Sure, it's not Chipotle size, but it makes for a good meal. 

The chicken is as good as ever, the crispy skin adds a nice crunch to the whole affair, which is nice in comparison to the softness of the tortilla. The rice is good and filling, although I wouldn't exactly call it spicy. It does a good job of padding out the burrito though, and while it's certainly not the best quality, it's nice to see something a little different in a KFC meal. Ditto for the beans, they provide a nice bit of texture throughout when the rice gets a little too much. The strangest thing, though, was probably the sauce. I don't know if it's the way the salsa is, or whether the branch I visited couldn't quite tell their sauces apart, but mine tastes a whole lot like BBQ sauce. But hey, it wasn't too shabby, and and it certainly provided good coverage for all the ingredients.

This KFC burrito is certainly not the best burrito I've ever had, but it's a great addition to the menu that offers a more filling option for you wrap fiends out there. I'll definitely be trying out the Zinger and Pulled Chicken varieties when I next visit.

My rating: 4/5


  1. KFC Burrito Was So Disappointing If You Fancy A Wrap With Rice Mixed With Salsa & A Slice Of Cheese...Just Buy A Chicken Bucket & Get The Rest From Asda & Make It At Home LOL ... £15 On Crap...Im Staying Away From KFC...My Cooking Is Much Better Than This.
    4.95 for 1 burrito
    2 hours later toilet runs
    Looks nothing as advertised
    Big disappointment plus taste wise it was nasty

    1. Capitals........capitals everywhere.

    2. at just under a fiver for a wrap i thought it was poor to be honest.i had original recipe and the girlfriend had the zinger.i nearly passed out at the drive thru when i got less than a quids change from a fiver.there a lot smaller than the advert as well.i wont be buying again.

  2. Prices are fickle things, Anonymous. I paid just under a fiver, but who knows what others will pay? What about the effects of inflation? What about regional pricing schemes? I'd hate for someone to walk into a London KFC and say that the Review A Day guy told them they should be paying less. Next thing you know I get a gang of Colonel-masked, white-suited gangsters gunning me down with their drumstick shaped machine guns, before dismembering my body and mulching me down for gravy. I think I'd rather be called useless by an internet stranger.

  3. See, I disagree.....I think this is well worth a fiver, cos that includes fries and a drink. They are the best thing ever in my opinion, and are a good size.

  4. What's the price of the burrito in SA Rands

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