Sunday, 29 May 2011

Today's Review: Powerade Energy: Berry

Whenever a new kind of drink turns up at work I just gotta try it. Sometimes I fall in love, sometimes I am disgusted. Powerade falls into the latter category.

It's so promising, with such a great name. POWERADE! It gives you power! No, wait, energy! Double energy! I'm not sure how exactly you get double the energy, or how they classify that energy, but it's represented by a cube split into two strangely shaped halves. So does it give you two halves of energy, which when coupled give you one full energy? They describe it as both perking you up and keeping you going. But last time I checked, when you drink any kind of energy drink it perks you up from your slump, keeps you going for about an hour, and then you crash back down to where you started from or worse. Just one burst of energy, don't try to fob it off as two different kinds.

But enough about energy, who cares, how does it taste? Shit, to be honest. They say it's berry flavour, but the only fruit juices in the ingredients are orange and blackberry. That's only half berries. I'd rather have double berries than double energy. The result tastes like really cheap wine, but without any alcohol. So drinking Powerade feels like being a recovering alcoholic hobo who has managed to extract alcohol from shitty booze and replace it with something he calls energy but in fact is probably his own urine. Just sayin'.

My rating: 0/5


  1. You think that's bad, try drinking it after it's been left out for a couple of days. It manages to TASTE thick. I don't even know...

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