Monday 21 March 2016

Today's Review: Kettle Chips Sundried Tomato & Herb

There hasn't been a new seasonal flavour of Kettle Chips for a little while now, but luckily I found a variety I'd never seen before in Home Bargains. The limited edition bags tend to have quite a few things crammed into them, and are getting increasingly fancy, so it was interesting to see a relatively simple flavour. You don't see tomato crisps all that often, and while I do love the Walkers tomato ketchup flavour, this bag promised a more authentic tomato experience, with some herbs thrown in for good measure.

These taste a hell of a lot like tomato, so that's a very good start. For someone who's not overly keen on tomato, I enjoyed these a lot more than I should have, it's a bold flavour with an undeniable sweetness to it, and the saltiness of the chips themselves blends in to make a great overall flavour. There's a great herby taste layered on top as well, the tomato by itself may have been a little overwhelming, but the herbs do well to mellow it out and provide a little bit of an extra kick. The bag says tomato and herb, tomato and herb it provides. Tomato haters need not apply, but this is a fantastic bag of crisps.

My rating: 5/5

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