Friday 18 March 2016

Today's Review: Nestlé Milkybar Giant Buttons Milkshake Mix Up

Cadbury have shoved some white chocolate buttons in with their regular Dairy Milk ones, and it seems Nestlé had kind of the same idea, as they've knocked up some chocolate buttons to go alongside their classic Milkybar ones. So here we have Milkshake Mix Up, which at first sounds like a sub-title for a wacky family adventure movie, but is actually describing the contents of the bag. Well, half the bag anyway, the white chocolate buttons remain the same, while the new ones are a chocolate milkshake flavour instead of just milk chocolate.

It shows as well, the brown ones in this bag are not milk chocolatey, instead having more in common with the regular Milkybar buttons, but with some chocolate flavouring mixed in. I guess that's preferable, I've tried the Yorkie buttons and been pretty disappointed, while I love Milkybar buttons, so a twist on that formula was promising. It doesn't stop them tasting a little off though. It definitely shows that these are chocolate flavoured rather than actual milk chocolate, it's not that bold a flavour, and there's something of a chalky after taste, but these still possess the creaminess you'd find in the white buttons, which overall lends to a more milkshake-like flavour like the one they promise on the pack. It's an alright variation on the regular button, but I can't say it's an improvement. The Milkybar buttons themselves are great, while the chocolate milkshake are just so so. Try them out if you want something different, but I think in future I'll just stick with the regular bag.

My rating: 3/5

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