Wednesday 2 September 2015

Today's Review: Refreshers Bon Bons

A B&M has opened in my town. Rejoice, cut price groceries and home wares for all! Upon entering the store, my eyes were immediately drawn to this bag of Refreshers Bon Bons, which informed me they were new. It's like they were waiting for my arrival, I can't resist the word "new" written on packaging. This seems to be another entry into the range of classic sweets given the branding treatment that only seem to be available in bargain stores. See Vimto Bon Bons or Refreshers Mallows for example. I do love a good bon bon though, so I couldn't resist picking these up.

These bon bons come in two flavours, lemon and raspberry. That's quite in keeping with Refreshers themselves, so it's a good fit really. Trouble is, there's not much that really makes these Refreshers bon bons. You'd think they might want to retain the sour tingly taste they put into the bars, but there's none of that here. Sure, the lemon bon bons have a sour kick to them, but that's because they're lemon flavour. The strawberry possess no tingle at all, and while they do have a nice bold fruity flavour there's nothing that special about them. These aren't bad bon bons by any means, but they are decidedly average. The texture was a bit off with them as well, some were easy to chew, others seemed determined to break my teeth. Overall, they're quite nice, but pretty bland. About as good as any other bon bon really.

My rating: 3/5

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