Sunday 27 September 2015

Today's Review: Mr. Kipling Elf Slices

Christmas is here! Well, almost. Alright, not almost, but we need to put something in the seasonal aisle, right? Although I have noticed a distinct lack of Halloween products so far... Whatever, I like Christmas coming early, it means I can get a head start on stuffing my face with new goodies so I don't end up putting on more than a stone in the festive period. Here's a new offering from Mr. Kipling, who already provides enough Christmas goodies for your consumption. These are Elf Slices, so named because they are the colour of elves. Cute, right? They consist of a green, apple flavour cake, topped with strawberry icing, and finished off with a green swirl of... more icing.

So yeah, these are pretty much a variation on Angel Slices, and we all know how great those are. How do these stack up? Not too well to be fair. I admire that they tried to inject an apple flavouring into the sponge, instead of sticking some food colouring in it and calling it a day, but it really doesn't taste a whole lot like apple. I mean sure, there's a hint of it in there, but it's mostly a slightly sickly fake tasting flavour. The sponge is still nice and soft though, so while it's not great it could be worse. The icing on top does help matters, providing a nice smoothness that distracts from the sponge flavour, but it also seems a little too sickly. Perhaps it's compounded by the sweetness of the cake, but I certainly didn't enjoy these all that much. I mean, it's still an okay cake, but with a myriad of Mr. Kipling goodies out there to sink your teeth into, this isn't really a worthy entry. I'd stick with the Gingerbread Whirls this year.

My rating: 2/5

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  1. I reckon Mr Kipling is getting forgetful in his old age. These Elf Slices are new for 2015 right? The boxes don't say new, but... the Gingerbread Whirls (which we first had last year) DO say "NEW"!