Tuesday 8 September 2015

Today's Review: Tyrrell's Sweet Potato Crisps With Smoked Chilli

Sweet potato crisps are becoming all the rage these days, which is nice because now they're starting to get cheaper. Granted, I picked these up cheap because they were slightly out of date (thank you bargain stores), but you get my drift. I've tried some sweet chilli sweet potato crisps before, courtesy of Kettle Chips, and they weren't bad at all. Tyrrell's pumps out some fine quality crisps too, so I was happy to see they've chucked some chilli in there now too. 

These are good, I'm gonna just come out and say it. The crisps are small and crunchy, and not too greasy either. They have a great sweet potato taste (obviously, they're sweet potatoes), and the texture is downright satisfying. The only slight let down is the flavour. It's certainly a nice smoked chilli, but it's just not quite strong enough, especially with the sweetness in the potato itself. By the end of it I did have a slight lingering heat on my tongue, but I was expecting a little more. Still, I suppose smoked chilli isn't all that spicy, but the balance of spicy and sweet was just a bit off for my taste. Definitely a tasty bag of crisps though, and one I'll be looking out for again.

My rating: 4/5

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