Thursday 9 November 2017

Today's Review: Tesco Chocolate Orange Muffins

Festive baked goods are starting to line the shelves, which is never a bad thing. Tesco have their mince pie cookies that have been on offer in previous years, but they also have these chocolate orange muffins, which consists of a lovely looking marbled chocolate and orange muffin, within which lies a mandarin filling, and some chocolate chips for good measure.

That's a good cross-section right there, like the inside of a volcano running deep into a planet made of cake. This is actually a pretty good muffin. It's definitely chocolatey, it's definitely orangey, and the two work together pretty well. The mandarin filling sort of steals the show, it's very bold and sweet with a nice tartness to it, though it is a bit overwhelming, especially in collaboration with the orange sponge. The chocolate muffin and chips go some way to balancing the flavour out, but it doesn't quite reach the right level. A very decent festive offering though, it's a nice soft muffin, and the filling adds a nice moistness that rounds everything off nicely. Definitely a pack of muffins to pick up before the season is over.

My rating: 4/5

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