Wednesday 1 November 2017

Today's Review: American Diner Inspired Müller Corner

Ah, the classic Müller Corner, what a realm of possibilities you can choose from just by sticking a corner bit on your yoghurt pot. This time we have some American diner inspired goodies to mix in, in the form of cookie pieces and brownie pieces. Sounded pretty good to me, those are some pretty solid desserts.

Let's start with the cookie pieces. They're very small and cute, and they also come in chocolate and vanilla versions. They're pretty good, a nice crunchy cookie with almost a shortbread-like texture, and the flavours come through quite nicely. Not the best quality cookies I've had, they can be a bit grainy, but they work for the most part. The brownie pieces are pretty good too, a little on the crunchy side, but there's a bit of chewiness in there, and the chocolate flavouring does a pretty good job. 

However, it's all let down a little by the yoghurt. It's just vanilla flavoured, in both cases. I get that they probably wanted to keep the yoghurt neutral so they could showcase the pieces in the corner, but I feel they could have done something in keeping with the American diner theme. Not that I have any bright ideas myself, but it seems like there could be something so much more than vanilla in these. Perhaps I'm hoping for too much, but I know Müller can pull out some fairly decent flavoured yoghurts, so I was just optimistic. These are still worth a try though, some good biscuit and brownie pieces swirled into yoghurt, even if the latter is somewhat bland.

My rating: 3/5

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