Wednesday 6 June 2018

Today's Review: Co-Op Gourmet Burger Crinkle Cut Crisps

After the complete and utter travesty of the Doritos cheeseburger flavour losing out to the generic salsa, I was excited to see this bag in the Co-Op. Gourmet burger flavoured crisps, complete with beef and cheese flavouring, with a hint of pickle, tomato and chilli. It seemed like these crisps had it all, and I was really hoping they'd fill the void left by the cheeseburger Doritos.

These are pretty heavy on the pickle, that's the first thing I'd say. That and the cheese are the most predominant flavours, which isn't a bad combination, but the rest of the elements fall by the wayside. I'm pretty sure the meat should be a big feature here, and though I'm not really a fan of meaty crisps, I was expecting a lot more. The chilli is barely noticeable, any spice that's there is negated by the pickle. I mean, overall, these crisps aren't bad, it's just the balance of flavours is pretty off. I'm still pining for those Doritos.

My rating: 3/5


  1. I'm not sure on the hint of chilli - that's not in most burgers.. but happy to hear you can't really taste it. heavy on the dill pickle is my kind of thing! used to be a co op near where i work but sadly no more - need to seek these out...