Saturday 30 June 2018

Today's Review: Kopparberg Sparkling Rosé Raspberry Cider

Today on "Things We Never Knew We Wanted", it's an amalgamation of cider and rosé from the lovely folks at Kopparberg. Actually, it's just cider in a rosé bottle, but one that it seems Kopparberg hopes will strike a chord with those who want to share their cider without the frat boy image of the wonderful Kopparkeg. 

I'll tell you what, it's never taken me so long to get into a bottle of cider. It's all done up proper with the wire and cork, and it's pretty firmly set in there, it took a good amount of twisting to ease it out with the most unsatisfying pop: a bottle of prosecco this is not. As for the taste, I have to say I'm very underwhelmed. This stuff is fairly high in alcohol content compared to the regular ciders, so the fruitiness is sort of on the back burner. It's like a slightly flavoured alcoholic sparkling water. I mean, it's not undrinkable, it's somewhat enjoyable, but I'd much rather have their regular cider. This is just a whole lot of faff for not much reward.

My rating: 2/5

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