Friday, 31 August 2012

Today's Review: Supermalt

I wandered to the other side of town today to visit the council offices, the side of town that has a few random Carribean/Polish supermarkets dotted around. Of course, these are always good places to find new foodstuffs, and I certainly did find something. It's Supermalt, the malty, naturally wonderful energy providing beverage. It's something I could get behind. I love malt balls, I love malt shakes, I even love me a cup of Ovaltine, so how could I not love Supermalt?

I'll tell you how. Because it's fizzy. Why is it fizzy?! There's the distinctive malt flavour in there, sure, but it tastes like it's been watered down and put through a Soda Stream. Holy hell, it's so fizzy. I couldn't even get past a few sips, the fizziness just got the better of me. If it were just a flat, malt flavoured drink I would have really enjoyed it, but it was just ruined for me from the start. I had to have a sparkling guava juice just to get rid of the taste. That was quite nice. Supermalt, however, is not.

My rating: 1/5


  1. Its fizzy because theres fizz in it. You shouldn’t be drinking supermalt, what you really need is a tranquilliser to stop you posting crap like this!

  2. Looks like you bite your nails so you don't know what you're talking about.

  3. Mate, no. Don't get the can! You need to get it in the glass bottle. That's it's original form and it's way less fizzy. I hate anything fizzy so I get you there but I'm telling you, the bottle is the way to go. They also do have a flat version in a carton but I thought it tasted horrible, even more so than the can. So either try one of those options. Don't judge it yet!

  4. hi i have bought two supermalts lately in the glass bottle and it tastes very different. it tastes gone off. i am not sure what has happened but they need to make it how they use to. just like giner beer in the can, the taste has changed for the worst