Friday, 21 March 2014

Today's Review: McCain Special Roast Potatoes

I've always held a negative view of frozen roast potatoes, even though I've never really eaten them. I learned to make my own several years ago, and have since learned to whip up some pretty perfect roasties with not much effort. But when McCain contacted me and asked me to review some of their new Special Roast Potatoes, I thought it was a good opportunity to see whether my baseless opinion could be swayed. So this morning a Tesco driver knocked on my door, visibly confused as to why I paid a £5 delivery charge for two packs of potatoes. He must assume I really love potatoes, and am extremely lazy.

So what makes these Special Roast Potatoes special? Well, they're made with the best quality King Edward potatoes, and they're basted in beef dripping to boot. Beef makes anything better, so that got me pretty excited, and in the oven they went. 

What's most important to me with roast potatoes is their crispiness. Nothing puts me off my dinner more than soft, soggy roasties. Thankfully, these potatoes came out of the oven with a nice crust, and one that absolutely has a lovely hint of beef to it.  If that wasn't good enough, upon biting into one I found the insides were fantastically light and fluffy. These potatoes are a lot better than I was expecting them to be, a great crunchy, meaty, fluffy experience. They've certainly changed my view on frozen roast potatoes, and while I won't hang up my apron just yet, I know there's a perfectly good alternative sitting in the freezer that's easy to cook and delicious.

My rating: 5/5


  1. These are just raw chunks of potato with a coating of fat. They take over 40 mins in a very hot oven to cook. It is quicker to peel and half-boil you own potatoes then roast them. Not impressed at all.

  2. I bought some from Iceland. Over an hour later they still weren't done. NEVER again

  3. These 'new' roast potatoes are horrible - they don't brown, are oily and disgusting. I won't be buying these again.

    1. Had the 'new' ones today' - all my family hated them... Much prefer the old ones ... They need to bring the old ones back... Way tastier...

  4. these are a load of rubbish. All differentshaps and sizes so some are half raw some are cooked and the rest are black bits of carbon. How much did they pay yhe above reviewer