Tuesday 1 September 2015

Today's Review: Galaxy Duet

With all the Galaxy varieties I tried on holiday, it was nice to come back home and find that there are a couple of new bars out here too. These are a couple of interesting little numbers. Galaxy Duet is a Kit-Kat style bar that houses two different fillings enrobed in Galaxy chocolate. While they certainly sound alright on their own, the two flavours in each bar have been picked to work together. Duet comes in cookies & cream and caramel & shortcake flavours.

The Duet idea is a nice enough one. If you so wish you can tackle each side separately and experience two unique flavours. I admit I did for half of each bar, but only to gauge how nice each separate filling was. The answer is, they're all pretty good. The caramel is as good as it's always been in the classic bar, sweet and gooey, while the shortcake provides a nice little crunch. The cookies are very reminiscent of the cookie crumble bar, though a little more chewy, while the cream side provides a light, sweet filling that is perhaps a little sickly.

You should combine the flavours in each bar though, that's what they're there for. The cookies and cream works together the best, providing a nice gooey, creamy flavour with a satisfying crunch. The caramel bar goes kind of the same way, although the crunch is diminished and overwhelmed by the caramel. It's still noticeable though. All in all, these are some tasty bars. They do suffer a little from the Duet format, there seems to be a lot of Galaxy chocolate and not quite enough filling. There could have been a lot more satisfying crunch if the crunchy pieces were more plentiful within, but it's not a massive issue. These bars are well worth trying out. It would be nice to see some more interesting combinations in future, but this is a good start for a new type of Galaxy bar.

My rating: 4/5

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