Tuesday 29 September 2015

Today's Review: Belvita Breakfast Soft Bakes: Golden Grain

I recently received a couple of packs of the new Belvita Breakfast Soft Bakes to review, which I was more than happy to try out as I am quite a fan of breakfast biscuits, they're easy for breakfast on the go, whereas a bowl of cereal is not. Soft baked cookies seem to be in fashion lately, both Maryland and Jammie Dodgers have brought some out, so it's not surprising to see these nice crunchy breakfast biscuits in a soft form. I went for these Golden Grain ones first, because sometimes there's nothing wrong with a plainer flavour.

These are not bad. I mean, they're not perfect, but they're not bad either. They certainly are soft, and have a nice oaty cereal taste. Each one is pretty big, and certainly gave me enough energy to last until lunch. The only problem is the texture is a bit off. While most of the bake is soft and chewy, there are quite a few small, crunchy pieces inside that threw me off a little. What's more, these are quite dry, they are made up of a lot of cereals, and there doesn't seem to be even a hint of butter in there, and I think that really would have helped. These aren't a bad attempt at a breakfast biscuit, but they are a bit too stodgy and dry for my liking. I'll let you know how the other variety fares.

My rating: 3/5

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