Sunday 13 September 2015

Today's Review: Wham Softies

After trying out the Fruit Salad Softies last week, I had to go back for the other varieties on offer. The Wham Softies were the most intriguing, as I do love a good Wham bar. These ones come in a few flavours too: Original, strawberry and cola. I think I've tried the strawberry bars before, but certainly not the cola. But how do they fare in Softie form?

I must say I'm disappointed. As you can probably see from the picture, the colours of the sweets themselves don't exactly match the picture. The cola flavour ones are more a creamy than the brown they apparently should be, and while the original and strawberry are clearly different colours on the packet, they're indistinguishable inside. This is a major problem for a person like myself who likes to eat their sweets in order of flavour preference, as I had no idea which one I was about to eat. It's a shame too, because the strawberry ones are just way too sweet and sugary. They certainly have a bold flavour, but it's not particularly pleasant, just that sickly confectionery strawberry flavour. The cola ones are a little better, but they're pretty generic cola flavoured sweets. The original ones are the best, with a smooth raspberry flavour, but to me they tasted more like a Drumstick than a Wham bar. I guess a lot is lost in the translation from bar to chewy sweet, especially as these are quite squishy and covered in quite a sickly sugary coating. These aren't awful, but they're certainly not all that great. You're better off buying a whole load of Wham bars.

My rating: 2/5

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