Friday 4 September 2015

Today's Review: Kit Kat Mocha

I've been looking for this new Kit Kat for a couple of weeks now to no avail, so I was pretty thankful when a friend presented me with one earlier. This is a mocha Kit Kat. It's interesting how they've gone for "mocha" rather than "coffee", but it actually makes sense in the way that this is a coffee flavoured chocolate bar. 

This Kit Kat is coffee flavoured in the way that all coffee flavoured things are coffee flavoured. Not a particularly authentic coffee taste, but definitely in keeping with other coffee treats. It has that nice dark bitterness, and it's a pretty bold flavour that lasts throughout. It works quite well with the wafer, and obviously the chocolate lends itself to the whole mocha thing. Overall it's a pretty nice variety of Kit Kat. Certainly not in the realm of the toffee or cookies and cream, since the coffee flavour just isn't quite as good as actual coffee. It's certainly enjoyable though, and a nice addition to the range.

My rating: 4/5

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