Sunday 29 November 2015

Today's Review: Warburtons Giant Crumpets

I do like a lovely bit of crumpet (pardon the expression). I can't say they're a regular on my shopping list, but I've never met a crumpet I didn't like. Now Warburtons have brought out these monstrosities, some giant crumpets. After all, crumpets are quite small, so why not make a bigger one? Besides, I don't have time to leisurely grill my crumpets, I stick those bad boys in the toaster, and we all know that crumpets are not particularly compatible with the deep trenches of the regular toaster. So these should take care of that problem.

Well, they certainly fit snugly in my toaster, satisfyingly so, unlike another Warburtons product I know and love, one that's made specifically for the toaster... But I digress, what of the crumpet? Well, it's a good crumpet. I know very well that Warburtons make some damn fine bread products, and these crumpets follow that theme. Soft and chewy, with a nice texture and taste. Their size does hurt their cause a little, it's simply a little too much crumpet to handle in one sitting, and it is quite thick and a little stodgy, but the butter soaked through nicely like it does with any good crumpet. So yes, definitely tasty, and one I'm sure I'll buy again. If you're after a crumpet that doesn't have you sticking utensils in your toaster, this is the one you want.

My rating: 4/5


  1. Im having one of these for lunch today!

  2. Btw what sort of time do you eat lunch and then your evening meal? weird question but im wondering if 12:00 for lunch and 5:00 for evening is too early?

    1. That sounds alright to me. I've got kids, so that's the time I have dinner, and I fail to see how 12 isn't lunch time.