Wednesday 11 April 2018

Today's Review: People Saying "You've Had A Haircut!"

I had my hair cut yesterday, I normally wait a while between trims, so the result is very noticeable. So today I have been greeted several times with the words "You've had a hair cut!" Now, I may have rambled on about snack foods and random objects daily for many years, but in real life I am a man of relatively few words, so someone informing me that I've had a hair cut seems quite pointless to me.

I get the sentiment. People have noticed my hair and want to inform me that they actually pay attention to me. It's small talk in its purest form. But why just tell me I've had a hair cut? I know I have, I was there. As a reaction to being told I've had a hair cut, I like to feel the top of my head with a shocked expression on my face while saying "What, have I?!" Instead of stating that a person has had a hair cut, I would say "your hair looks nice". It's a compliment, it's constructive, and is miles better than just stating obvious fact. Unless... people aren't saying that to me for a reason. Is my hair awful? I need answers! I need opinions! I don't just need observations of how my hair has become shorter. It's useless information.

My rating: 1/5

1 comment:

  1. I had a haircut last month, not a trim but a good 5 inches or so off and had no comments on it from anyone at work. I wish someone had pointed it out tbh but maybe that is a female thing?