Saturday 28 April 2018

Today's Review: Wine Gums Mocktails

Everyone loves a cocktail, right? Well, now you can get Wine Gums in your favourite cocktail flavours! Except they're actually mocktail flavours, so they don't taste like alcohol. So they're really different fruit flavours, and also a cola one. There are three cocktails to choose from here, pina colada, strawberry daquiri, and cuba libre.

So yes, three flavours isn't particularly a wide variety, but they're not bad. The cola one is the most unique, and is a pretty nice twist on your regular Wine Gum flavour. The strawberry is nothing to write home about, and the pina colada has a nice pineapple hint, though not much coconut to be found. So while these sounded quite promising, they're just pretty average, some interesting new flavour ideas, but not pulled off all that well.

My rating: 3/5

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