Sunday 16 September 2018

Today's Review: Cadbury Darkmilk

Cadbury have just brought out something a little different, instead of stuffing things into their Dairy Milk, they've gone and released a dark chocolate bar. Not majorly dark, mind you, this isn't a rebranded Bournville. This bar consists of 40% cocoa solids and 14% milk, so there's still a bit of creaminess in there to take the edge off. Dark chocolate has grown on me over the years, so I was hoping this would sit well with me.

Say what you will about Cadbury and their changing recipes, but I still enjoy it. This bar is another great effort, a lovely dark chocolate that is just the right balance of bitter and sweet. It's definitely dark, that's obvious from the first bite, but the milk is there to lay down a nice creamy base and make for a smooth, very chocolatey bar. Yes, I'm sure there'll be much uproar about the size reduction compared to Dairy Milk, but I still enjoyed my experience, and paid less than the retail price, pick it up for £1 in Tesco, it's worth it.

My rating: 5/5


  1. I love the new taste & im sure this will soon be a winner with all those who try it!

  2. Horrible, Cadbury introducing anmerican chocolate by the back door.. Beware..

  3. Awful tasting. Doesnt even taste like chocolate.

  4. Bought as on offer at Tesco. Have enjoyed Bourneville chocolate as a child and found over the decades Dairy Milk has gone down in quality, so it's back to dark chocolate. This bar does strike a balance. Would recommend it as an introduction for those wanting to try a form of dark chocolate for the first time.

  5. I was really looking forward to trying Darkmilk! At face value it seemed to tick so many boxes for me.
    First mouthful was good, but soon I noticed an over-sweet and waxy aftertaste. Very reminiscent of American (and Australian) chocolate.
    I will not be buying again!
    This Mondelez mob have have messed up another opportunity. I expect they will blame any failure on 'changing tastes' like they cynically did after changing the cream egg formulation. Absolute rubbish excuse of course!
    I thank my lucky stars that Cadbury Dairy Milk bars are still delicious!

  6. Nothing was wrong with these. Good stuff. Effectively a rebrand of the Cadbury Gambit bar from the mid-80s. Obviously, though, lots of cowardly little fools who wouldn't know a good chocolate bar if it kicked them in the arse thought different. The Cadbury's Dairy Milk sheeple. Pitiful.