Wednesday 12 September 2018

Today's Review: Primo Magic Croissant

A little pick up from my local Polish store, I was promised magic in the form of a croissant, complete with chocolate, hazelnuts, shoved into a croissant so brown I can only assume it could be classed as triple chocolate. I was excited, despite this being an ambient pacakged croissant, fresh it was not. 

This isn't magic, well, it might be black magic. The croissant is indeed chocolate coated, but that coating is dark and bitter, and gives way to a dry doughy centre with no flavour. The hazelnuts are barely noticeable over that bitter chocolate taste, I had to give up halfway through this and throw it away. It's less a magic croissant, and more a pile of what that chocolate swirl up there looks like.

My rating: 0/5


  1. This is exactly the kind of thing you should never eat :D

  2. Bruh wth are ye on about, best croissant ive ever eaten, ye wouldn't understand coz you're not foreign, stuck up fools