Saturday 8 September 2018

Today's Review: Yushoi Inclusions Fire Roasted Chipotle

The market seems to be getting saturated with popped snacks these days, I guess everyone's hoping we'll be eschewing the classic crisp for its healthier cousin. As a result, I've met some pretty great flavours, and some that are very underwhelming. Fortunately these fall into the former. These popped chickpea based snacks are from Yushoi, who have already released a few tasty products, and the promise of some spicy chipotle led me to grab this bag, even though I was convinced the spice would be non-existent.

Oh how wrong I was. Not that these are really spicy, but they are very flavoursome, a rich tomato base that has a lovely build up of heat with a smoky flavour, these are just delicious, with the texture of the chickpea based discs providing a lot of surface for the flavouring to sit on, and a great overall taste. These are some fantastic popped treats, and they give me hope that more are on the horizon.

My rating: 5/5

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