Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Today's Review: The Lack Of An Official Blogger App

There's an app for that, or so they say. But there isn't for the very website I'm using at the moment. I will be at work into the early hours tonight, so I have no chice but to write today's review on my phone. Problem is I have to write it via Safari.

It's not too awful, just annoying. At least it doesn't redirect me to a mobile site, but I have noticed that if I write too much the screen stops showing me what I'm typing. Also there's no way to upload pictures.

I know there are some blogging apps, but they all cost money and aren't really the proper deal. So why is there no Blogger app? Surely it wouldn't be too hard to make one, and without it I am left ever so slightly annoyed. So hurry up people, satisfy my entitled self.

My rating: 2/5

1 comment:

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