Sunday 7 September 2014

Today's Review: Tesco Rainbow Fruits

I have been mightily impressed with most of the sweets Tesco have brought out lately. So when I spotted a few more new varieties from the same range, I couldn't resist picking up these Rainbow Fruits. There are also blue raspberry bonbons and strawberry pencils, but these seemed more interesting. They looked like a bigger version of Tooty Frooties, and I couldn't see how that could possibly be a bad thing.

In fact, these are like big Tooty Frooties. A hard, crisp shell, encasing some truly chewy, fruity goodness. They're called Rainbow Fruits, but three of the colours are missing. Still, each colour has a distinct fruity flavour, from lime, to strawberry, to blackcurrant, and they all taste pretty authentic. The best part about these is how good they are in comparison to the classic Tooty Frooties. I've always found that since they're quite small, the abundance of crispy shell often gets a bit too much for my tongue, making it a little sore after eating a few (perhaps too many). However, since these Rainbow Fruits are bigger, there's a better ratio of chewy innards to crunchy shell, making it a much more enjoyable experience. These are some tasty, fruity sweets that I'll certainly be picking up again.

My rating: 5/5

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