Friday 21 July 2017

Today's Review: Pringles Mac & Cheese

There are a few new flavours of Pringles out, under a "street food" banner. There are some pretty interesting additions, but this is the one that intrigued me the most, macaroni cheese Pringles. Cheese crisps is a standard, I know, but I wondered how they were going to emulate the macaroni in potato chip form. I know, macaroni and potatoes, doubling up on carbs isn't great, but I went for it anyway.

These don't really taste like macaroni, but they do taste like cheese. There's a little hint of something else, but I can't say I liken it to pasta. These are good cheese Pringles, so I'll give them that much, but it seems the inclusion of the "mac" is a bit of a novelty that isn't executed particularly well. Hopefully some of the other street food flavours will be a bit more authentic, but this is a pretty average effort.

My rating: 3/5


  1. Hahahah, my brother told me he just tried them, has a hint of tomato... a sort creamy version of cheese and tomato rather than cheese and pasta. LOL!!

  2. i have these but havnt tried them yet. i have eaten the thai curry ones and they are intersting, kind of can't decide if you like them interesting