Friday 20 April 2012

Today's Review: Grave Encounters

Wow, it's a paranormal themed movie, shown from the perspective of handheld video cameras. That's never been done before! Ha, I jest. Grave Encounters is somewhat original I guess, in that it follows a group of people while they film for their ghost hunting TV show. After the usual build up of mythos by the happy-go-lucky crew and the people they interview, they are locked inside for the night while they attempt to get some paranormal footage. But their light heartedness soon turns into terror as they discover that there actually is some weird stuff going on in the place.

Despite the original aspects thrown in to Grave Encounters, there's really not that much to distinguish it from any other movie of the genre. It follows the same kind of formula, from little gusts of wind and noises to full blown demonic jumpiness. The characters are just there to scream and probably wee themselves a little, although the guy who plays the host of the show does a good job of lampooning his real life counterparts.

So if you're after your next Paranormal Activity kind of fix, then you'll probably want to check this out. It's nothing special but it certainly isn't bad either. It has some decent jump scares, some good atmosphere and a few nice ideas thrown in on top.

My rating: 3/5

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