Saturday 7 April 2012

Today's Review: Play-Doh Sesame Street: Cookie Monster's Letter Lunch

Here is one of Alex's most awesome presents this year, although my opinion is somewhat skewed by my previously mentioned love of Sesame Street. Look at this guy, so adorable. What we have here is a series of food shaped moulds for your Play-Doh. Cookies, fruit and whatnot. There are also individual letter stampers, so you can cut out your favourite words, mix them in a big bowl with foodstuffs, scoop them up with the provided cutlery and shove it in the Cookie Monster's face.

Yeah, maybe I should have moulded some shapes, but you get the idea. Once his mouth is stuffed, just tap the top of his head, and...

Holy crap, where did it go? (Here's the best part)

Why, it's in his butt of course! Scoop out the Play-Doh poop, roll it up and do it all over again. Endless fun, in the form of a blue monster's digestive tract.

It's a great set. There's a good amount of Play-Doh, and loads of utensils, including a spaghetti maker, that sadly only makes a small amount of spaghetti. You know what would have made it perfect? Sound effects. I don't know if there are problems with putting electronics in Play-Doh toys, but I would love to push down on his head and hear the signature "Om nom nom". Still, a great toy.

My rating: 4/5

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