Sunday 14 July 2013

Today's Review: Holding A Baby When It's Hot

Babies are generally quite nice to have. They sleep a lot, and while they may cry a lot too, it's often easy to fix, and that fix mostly involves holding them. Be it feeding, carrying or just cuddles, I spend a lot of time holding my baby. On a normal day that would be fine. But on a hot day, it's hell.

Carrying anything around on a hit day can be unpleasant, but the thing about babies is that they're like miniature radiators. They like to stay warm, and it always results in a sweaty patch on my clothing whenever I manage to peel my daughter off me. Also, when it's hit, I get agitated quite easily, and nothing helps to do that like a small, wriggling, hot, crying object on my lap. I'm feeding my baby as I write this, and the bottom half of my body feels like a sauna. Holding babies when it's hot is an awfully sweaty experience. Hopefully one day they'll invent some firm of baby ice pack. Until then though, I shall continue being sweaty and annoyed.

My rating: 0/5

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