Monday 15 July 2013

Today's Review: Door Hinges

Doors are very useful things, at least they are when put into walls. They allow us to enter new places, and then shut out anything else that we don't want in the new place, like drafts and monsters. But if that door doesn't have hinges, there could be all kinds of trouble.

I know there are kinds of doors that don't require hinges, like automatic ones and those Japanese sliding doohickeys. But they're not really useful compared to swinging, hinged doors. Sliding doors are not the best to hide behind in a zombie apocalypse, and you certainly can't burst into a room and surprise somebody if you have to wait for the door to slide open, or painstakingly do it yourself. 

So yes, swinging doors are the best, and without their hinges they would just be... I don't know, either free standing bits of wood that fall over when you touch them, or extremely difficult to open. A hinge can suspend a door at any angle, leaving just the right amount of gap for external light to get in, or for you to spy on someone. Door hinges are fantastic little contraptions that make our doorway experiences what they are.

My rating: 5/5

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