Friday 19 July 2013

Today's Review: Tango Flyers

Tango seem to be venturing into some odd stuff lately. There was that odd Tango foam stuff, and even a body wash. But the most prevalent seems to be Tango's foray into the candy market. I've seen Tango chocolate, but have steered clear of that thus far. But these Tango Flyers caught my eye. They're liquorice tubes filled with "Tango crystals". which is a fancy name for orange sherbert. Despite not liking liquorice, I gave them a go.

Unfortunately, and predictably, they're mostly liquorice, and it's a lot. The sherbert itself isn't too bad, but it's completely overwhelmed by the dark, bitter taste of the tube. If you like your liquorice, with just a bit of fizz, then you'll probably love these. But they're not for me.

My rating: 1/5

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