Monday 22 July 2013

Today's Review: Hotel Chocolat Strawberries & Cream Puddles

Hotel Chocolat certainly is a classy joint. All those swirls and pieces they put into their slabs and drops that are sized disproportionately to their prices. But damn, their chocolate is good. Plus if you're on O2 you can enjoy a little bag of these strawberry and cream "puddles" for free, so the price is no longer an issue. Yay!

As you can see, "puddles" is a fancy term for chocolate buttons, because that's what these are. Little drops of white chocolate, creamy goodness, with some lovely strawberry flavour swirled in. The flavours are very bold, perhaps a little too bold for such a small piece of chocolate, this packet is certainly not something you can devour, it would get too sickly too quickly. But perhaps that's a good thing. 

The other slight problem is that once the chocolate is gone, there are slight remnants of hard, puppy strawberry bits. Kind of threw off the aftertaste for me, but hey, at least it's proof that the ingredients are real and good quality. These puddles aren't perfect, but they're certainly tasty.

My rating: 4/5

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