Thursday 14 May 2015

Today's Review: Galaxy Cookie Crumble McFlurry

I took a rare trip to McDonald's the other week, and saw that instead of the usual Cadbury offerings, they've now added some Galaxy to the McFlurry range. Apparently it's been done before, and I've probably tried them and forgotten about them, but I'm pretty sure they haven't done a Cookie Crumble flavour before, so I was all over it. This McFlurry consists of the good old vanilla ice cream, swirled with chocolate sauce and Galaxy pieces, with some crumbly cookie bits thrown in for good measure.

Well, it's good. I can't deny that. The ice cream is nice and smooth, it's very chocolatey, but not overly. There perhaps isn't quite enough cookie for my liking, there wasn't quite as much of a crunchy texture as I was expecting. But hey, it's all good, it's a chocolatey, biscuity ice cream that's well worth trying. Not that I could fully pick up the classic Galaxy flavour throughout, so I really didn't see all that much difference between this and a cheaper Cadbury based McFlurry, but that's a minor thing. This is still worth trying out, especially as it may not be around for long. So go for it, who knows, I may be completely wrong.

My rating: 4/5

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