Saturday 23 May 2015

Today's Review: Milka Crispy Joghurt

One thing I love about European countries is the sheer abundance of Milka chocolate. Sure, we have our Dairy Milk, and it's a classic, but sometimes it's nice to play away, and Milka is certainly a welcoming mistress. The amount of varieties surely matches those that Cadbury offer, and in many cases they just blatantly copy each other, but I did manage to find this interesting bar, promising some crispy yoghurt. Mmm, sounds delicious.

This bar has your standard Milka outer shell, which I certainly can't fault, it's smooth, creamy, delicious chocolate. The innards, I wasn't so sure about. It's a soft yoghurt filling, littered with crispy cereal pieces, bits of cornflake basically. The flakes are fairly inoffensive, they provide a nice bit of crunch, although not much flavour. As for the yoghurt? It's alright, it's certainly not what I'd choose to put in the middle of a chocolate bar. It certainly adds a different kind of creaminess, but like most yoghurt products that aren't proper refrigerated yoghurt, it just tastes a little off, like if someone took a bowl of leftover cornflakes that had been left in the kitchen all day and poured it into a chocolate mould. That's probably a little too harsh a description, it's not all that bad, but this certainly isn't a bar I'll be trying again. There are a lot better out there, and this one is just a bit iffy. If you're a yoghurt fiend, you may like it, otherwise, you may not want to take the plunge.

My rating: 2/5


  1. I can see you totaly dont like yoghurt. For my opinion this is the best chocolate ever. I really like it, it has fresh crunchy taste. 5/5 definitly!

  2. Same as anon above; one of my favorite chocolate! 5/5