Tuesday 12 January 2016

Today's Review: This Exciting News About Myleene Klass

Facebook is good for a lot of things, and it tries to be good at a whole lot more, and often fails. The fancy little "trending" bar that has been around for a while sometimes catches my attention if it relates to something in my interests (read: nerdy), but often it's populated things that I couldn't care less about, and this is the epitome of those things.

It's about Myleene Klass. Yeah, I know who that is, I was around when Hear'Say were a thing, and I've skimmed enough magazines to know of her dabbles in modelling and presenting. Perhaps something important has happened to her that requires my attention. Oh no, it's about her wearing a swimsuit, with a low neckline, and on holiday no less! But it's not just about her wearing a swimsuit, oh no, this is about a photo that appears to show her wearing a swimsuit. Is it a trick of the light? Is it photoshopped?

Actually, no, it is a photo of her wearing a low cut swimsuit. Facebook just decided to use cryptic wording to entice me to click on it. Guess where it lead me? The Daily Mail of course. Now, I could go on for hours about the transgressions of The Daily Mail, but they've all been said before. Reading through the article, which is far longer than it should be ("woman wears swimsuit" would suffice), it seems that something seems a bit off. In between multiple references to Myleene's "flawless figure" and "pert derrière" there are several shout outs to Littlewoods, who supplied the costume, and for whom Myleene is a model. There's even a link to the specific page to buy the damn thing, so it's pretty clear this is all a big advert.

So there are two ways this could have reached the top of the trending topics on Facebook. Either humanity has reached a point where the best thing they have to talk about is a woman wearing something in a swimming pool, or a retailer has paid for an advert disguised as a non news article to be drawn up, and again to get it posted around Facebook enough to reach the top of the rankings. I guess the latter is better than the former, but what is unchanging is the fact that I still couldn't care less about Myleene Klass in a swimsuit.

My rating: 0/5


  1. So glad I am not the only one who thinks this! Drives me mad

  2. Today, my Facebook's trending news headlines has this at the top: "Perrie Edwards: Little Mix Singer Shares Photo of Herself Wearing a Black Swimsuit While on Holiday"

    Same old same old I guess!