Wednesday 11 January 2012

Today's Review: The Way Light Guns Don't Work On Flat Screen TVs

Yeah, look at them bad boys. The pride and joy of my collection of game controllers. I remember popping coins into the arcades of old, shooting it up on Time Crisis or Point Blank. Then I got older and realised I could just get the Playstation versions and a couple of guns from eBay. Good times were had. 

But now I have a new TV, and the problem is that while it can do pretty much everything, what it can't do is make light guns work. There's some difference in the light signals or the way the image refreshes that render the way they work useless. I realised quite how useless they are with my new addition: The NES Zapper. I was forced to resort to sitting cramped up in the bottom of the kids' bunk beds in order to play Duck Hunt on their tiny old school TV. But why can't they work on these fancy new ones? Why isn't there a setting to make the picture light gun friendly? It's a niche market, I know, but now I have to buy an old CRT TV just to be able to shoot some bad guys, or ducks.

Oh well, I guess it's an excuse to have a retro gaming room. 

My rating: 0/5

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