Thursday 26 January 2012

Today's Review: What's Your Number?

I'm taking bets right now. Who can guess the ending to this movie? Come on, you might be really surprised. 

What's Your Number? is a romantic comedy that is pretty much like every other romantic comedy. Anna Faris plays Ally, a girl who likes to have fun with men, as in she likes to have sex with men. She's done 19 of them, and according to a magazine she read, women who sleep with more than 20 find it hard to get married later in life. Ally freaks out, seeing as she believes everything she reads in her stupid magazines, and realises that perhaps her soulmate has passed her by in the form of an ex. So with some help from her sexy neighbour, Colin (Chris Evans), she starts to track them down.

Yes, her sexy, womanising neighbour, who helps her track down all the men she used to date so she can go through awkward situations with them. Anyone who hasn't guessed how this movie turns out should get some serious schooling. So yes, What's Your Number is a pretty standard romantic comedy. Ally is an independent, fun loving girl with a quirky talent, both main characters go through some wonderful character changes and everything works out fine. 

Still, it's slightly entertaining. Some of the dialogue is quite funny, especially between Ally and Colin. It makes them slightly more likeable than if they talked about boring stuff, but then they're not too likeable to begin with, so it just makes them okay characters. 

If you like your regular generic romantic comedies, then this one will certainly fill the void until they release the next one in a week or so. But seeing as I just finished watching Crazy, Stupid, Love before writing this review, I know romantic comedies can be so much better. What's Your Number? is just not that great.

My rating: 2/5

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