Sunday 15 January 2012

Today's Review: Creme Egg Splats

So yeah, it's Easter apparently. We started selling Creme Eggs on Boxing Day, so it's been Easter for a while. But not content with simply watching people go ape shit for eggs filled with gooey icing, Cadbury have decided to cash in even more with a bitesize version (I speak for the average person, a regular Creme Egg is certainly bitesize for me).

Well, it certainly looks like a splatted egg, I'll give it that. Not quite sure why it's so speckled, but that doesn't really affect the taste. Basically, if you've ever had Caramel Nibbles, these are similar, but instead of caramel you get the gooey Creme Egg innards. The bag promises that these contain "a little bit of goo", and while there certainly is a little bit, it tastes like a lot more than it seems they could fit in there. Taste wise, there's not much to say, they taste like Creme Eggs basically. But in a way they are better. If you think the goo inside a regular egg is a bit too much, these will be a pleasant surprise, as they strike a nice balance between chocolate and goo, which to me is a nice thing. If you like to scoop icing out with your tongue and slurp it down your face though, stick with the regular version.

My rating: 4/5

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